SHARE the ride | SPLIT the cost
SAVE time & Money
SAVE the environment
CARPOOLING made easy.

Android and IOS Beta out now.


Why universities and SWIFTE go so well together?

SWIFTE is a WIN-WIN situation. SWIFTE is a ride-share app, which allows students to share rides with their fellow classmates for a low price around their college towns and from city to city!





How does it work?

1. Download

Swifte is free to download
download it now

2. Post A Ride

Pick up riders on your way
and get paid for gas

3. Search For Rides

Find rides that best fit your schedule
and split the gas

Meet New People

Why not make some awesome friends along the way?
Share the ride with neighbors, coworkers, or possibly you new best friend. Since SWIFTE gives you the choice, so you will never have an awkward ride.

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